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'Car Park Dazzle' (Digital print on cotton twill)

Image of 'Car Park Dazzle'  (Digital print on cotton twill)


MATERIAL GIRL EXHIBITION 2011 - 'Women behind the wheel'

This is a large, limited-edition digital print on 100% heavy
cotton twill. Size of actual print: (70cm x 70 cm)
The work will be send un-stretched.

‘car park dazzle’
With ‘car park dazzle’ I try to emphasise the dedication, patience, and resilience ordinary women have to possess while ‘being behind the wheel’ in their everyday lives.
I use the car trip as a journey through a mother’s normal day. As the day goes on, it is filled up more and more with little chores and duties, it starts to feel as if everything is going too fast and sometimes this escalates so much, that some women feel out of control and not in charge of their own lives anymore.
In ‘car park dazzle’ I switch the story over to myself while entering the car park. I all of a sudden see interesting things around me. I notice light, colours and shapes. I start to see
the art in the everyday. At this point I realise that art is a powerful tool, I can use it to cope, to feel good and to thrive.

I take the photo, go home, sit behind my computer, work on the image and feel totally at peace. I realise that I have had a great day and that there will be many more to follow.